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友人に Clémence Organics を紹介すると、お互いに節約になります

Clémence Organics では、お客様の信頼とサポートを深く評価し、人生における友情の重要性を理解しています。

その仕組みは次のとおりです。当社のアカウントをお持ちの場合は、お友達に当社のウェブサイトを簡単に紹介して、お友達とご自身の両方に 15 ドルの割引を与えることができます。


  1. Clémence Organics アカウントにログインします。アカウントをお持ちでない場合は、 ここでサインアップできます。

  2. 当社ウェブサイトの各ページの左下にある赤い「Clémence Rewards」ボタンをタップします。
  3. ポップアップの [友達を紹介] セクションで、リンクの右側にある [コピー] アイコン (2 つのドキュメントが重なっている) をクリックして紹介リンクをコピーします。
  4. このリンクを選択した電子メールまたはメッセージング サービスに貼り付け*して、友人に知らせます。

    *リンクをメールに貼り付けるには、メールの作成中に上部メニューの [編集] をクリックし、[貼り付け] を選択します。

  5. 友人が電子メールを受信し、電子メール内のこのリンクをクリックすると、Web サイトに移動し、電子メール アドレスを指定するように求めるポップアップが自動的に表示されます。
  6. 友人が電子メール アドレスを正常に送信すると、チェックアウト時に 15 ドルの割引を引き換えるために使用できるクーポン コードが電子メールで送信されます。

  7. 友達が最初の購入を完了すると、15 ドル割引のためのクーポン コードを知らせるメールが届きます 🙂


すでに Clémence Organics のアカウントを持っている友人を紹介することはできないことに注意してください。

At Clémence Organics we deeply value the trust and support of you, our customer, and understand the significance of friendships in our lives ❤️

That's why we have implemented our rewarding refer a friend program, which combines our appreciation for your loyalty with the joy of sharing our skin care range with your friends. 

The reflection of a woman looking into a mirror. Written on the mirror are the words Clémence Organics.

About our Refer a Friend Program

If you have an account on our website, taking advantage of our referral program is a breeze. Simply refer a friend to our website, and as a token of appreciation, both you and your friend will enjoy a $25 discount ready to be used whenever you both choose.

There is no expiry date on the $25 discount, and there is no limit to how many friends you can refer 🙂

Just follow the steps below to refer your friend.

Please note - if you lose this page, you can always get back to it by tapping the 'Save $25 For Every Friend You Refer' link that appears at the very bottom of every page on the website.

How to Refer a Friend

Step 1. Log in to Your Account

Log in to your Clémence Organics account, here.

If you don't have an account on our website, not a problem! You can sign up for one here.

Log In Here

Step 2. Tap the Red 'Clémence Rewards' Button

On the bottom left of each page on our website, you'll find a red 'Clémence Rewards' button adorned with a gift icon.

Tap it to open up our rewards program panel.

Please note, you must first be logged in to the website for the rewards panel to display the information displayed in the next step.

Tap Here To Open Rewards Panel

Step 3. Copy the Referral Link

In the 'Refer your friends' section of the popup, copy the referral link by tapping the 'copy' icon (two documents layered on top of one another) located to the right of the link.

If steps 3 and 4 seem challenging, you can simplify the process by tapping the email icon below the referral link. This allows you to conveniently send the code to a specified email address directly from the website.

Step 4. Share the Copied Link with Your Friend

Now, provide your friend with the link you've just copied by pasting it into an email or messaging service of your choice (e.g., SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.).

To paste the link into an email on a desktop device - first click into the body area of the new email, then hit both the 'control' (PC) or 'command' (Mac) and 'v' buttons together at the same time.

On a mobile device - paste the code by tapping and holding in the body area of the new email and select the 'paste' option that then appears.

If the link is not pasted when hitting control/ command and v, or tapping paste, please repeat step 3 and try again.

After successfully pasting the link, add some reassuring text in the email or message to let your friend know that the link is safe to click on. And by clicking on it, they'll unlock a $25 discount on the website.

Step 5. Allow Time For Your Friend to Receive the Link and Submit Their Email Address

Once your friend receives the email and clicks on the link, they'll be directed to the website. There, a popup will automatically appear, prompting them to provide their email address.

They are required to enter a valid email address, and then tap the 'Claim your gift' button.

The Clémence Organics website home page.

Step 6. Wait for Your Friend to Redeem Their $25 Discount Coupon

After your friend has successfully submitted their email address they will be emailed a coupon code they can use to redeem their $25 discount at the checkout ❤️

The Clémence Organics website home page.

Step 7. Use Your $25 Discount Code!

Once your friend has completed their first purchase you will receive an email informing you of your coupon code for your $25 discount 🙂

Some important notes,

1. It is not possible to refer a friend if they already have an account with Clémence Organics.

2. The $25 coupon code you and your friend receive can not be used in conjunction with any other coupon codes