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As we transition into autumn, the fluctuating temperatures and brisk winds can pose challenges for skin already recovering from the summer sun's rigors.

The lower humidity, harsh winds, and cooler temperatures often lead to the discomfort of dry skin, compromising its natural barrier, the microbiome. When damaged, this barrier can no longer effectively shield against external stressors like pollution, resulting in irritated and sensitive skin.

Autumn brings a slowdown in skin cell turnover, leading to a buildup of cells, causing dryness and a lackluster appearance.

4 strategies to maintain your glow over autumn

To combat these challenges, here are four strategies to maintain your radiant glow throughout autumn:

  1. Prioritize Sun Protection: While sun-soaked days may be behind us, UV rays persist year-round. Our Protect + Clarify Daily Face Lotion offers ideal sun protection for cooler months, safeguarding your skin.

  2. Opt for Nourishing Skincare: Transition to more hydrating products like our Ultimate Face Creme, enriched with biofermented hyaluronic acid for moisture retention and collagen support. Incorporate a toner spritz and serum into your routine for added hydration and protection.

  3. Gentle Exfoliation: Combat dullness and clogged pores with gentle, regular exfoliation using our 2 in 1 Face Exfoliant + Mask. Formulated with organic Rosehip seed granules and hydrating ingredients, it clears excess build-up while maintaining your skin's protective barrier.

  4. Lip Care is Essential: Protect your lips from the cold, dry wind with our nourishing lip balm, Ultimate Lips. Its soothing, hydrating formula ensures your lips remain impervious to the changing elements.

Navigating autumn skincare need not be complex. With these products, enjoy radiant skin throughout the season.